Friday, January 15, 2010

Blue Canvas Magazine #3

The new issue of the Blue Canvas Magazine is out (a detail of the drawing "Dawn" is in the center of the III on the cover).
You will find many works of awesome artists in it.
I am one of the featured artists with an interview.

Find it here:


  1. Great interview, Dirk! I just read through it on the Blue Canvas website. It was nice to hear a little bit about the process and thoughts behind your work. Which by the way, is amazing.

  2. Just wanted to say that after I look at your work I find it difficult to imagine ever getting to the level that you have, but you and other artists at your level give me hope that if a human can depict the human form and face like you do, then maybe I can as well. I have the issue of American Artist that shows a little of your process, but I was wondering if you would mind sharing a little more of a detailed version of you how you work, for example: paper type, paper preperation, drawing mediums, length of time for drawing, drawing/shading techniques. I understand if you cannot get to this. Thank you for keeping the flaws in human form.


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