Sunday, March 8, 2009

Isabell II Pastel Portrait finished


Das (fast) fertige Bild. Ich müsste noch ein paar Sachen ausbessern, z. B. zu helle Highlights auf dem Kinn etc., aber das werde ich später machen. Warum? Weiß ich nicht.

Ok, here is the finished drawing. Almost finished...I want to fix some things, like highlights being too bright on the chin and some other things but the light to photograph it is gone anyway, so this version should do it for now.


  1. Man, your work is unbelievable.

    Wanderly form Brazil

  2. Hello, my name is Alex and I'm an art student from Brazil. I have been studying pastels lately and I'd like to know from you what kind of fixative do you use in between layers. Does it yellow the drawing later on? Do you make your own fixative?
    Great fan of yours, keep up the inspiring work.

  3. Hi Alex!

    I don't use fixative between layers usually. Here I fixed the initial charcoal pre drawing. I use Lascaux fixative.


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