Friday, March 6, 2009

Isabell II Pastel Portrait WIP #3

Da der Hintergrund viel zu bläulich geraten war, habe ich ihn mit Warmgrau überarbeitet. Unglücklicherweise hielt die Kreide kaum noch auf dem Papier. Im Gesicht sollte das hoffentlich kein Problem sein, da ich dort noch nicht soviel Kreide aufgetragen hatte.

The background was way too blue. I worked it over with warmgrey. Unfortunately the paper did not want to take much more pastel, so I ended with a strange looking background but fortunately it might do it as well. I hope the paper takes more pastel on the face but it looks like it is not a big problem there.

So far it was only underpainting, now I started to work on the image. I have worked on her ear, the hair around it and the upper part of her face but nothing of that is final.
I think it is better to see now how the final image is going to look.

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