Monday, December 17, 2012

Drawing Materials

I get many questions about the materials I use for graphite drawings so I put together this list.

But be aware as long as you use good quality materials you should not be too concerned about the right materials. Just experiment a lot to find the materials which you like and which give you the results you want.

I used to draw on Canson Mi-teintes paper (the smoother backside) but now I draw more on Hahnem├╝hle Nostalgie Sketchpad. But I am still trying a lot of new papers. I prefer using papers with at least a bit of texture or "tooth". I am not fond of ultra smooth paper. Often I see people using printer paper -that is not good for a serious drawing.

I draw with Faber-Castell pencils (Serie 9000), standard wooden pencils, using more or less all grades that are available (5H to 8B). Graphite is always grey, even the softest pencil, so I use a black color pencil or the 8B pencil by Staedtler (which claims to be graphite but it is mixed with something) to draw the darkest areas. I am using this not for dark backgrounds though. Charcoal will not stick on graphite, so I do not use it. But the other way around (graphite over charcoal) works, so you might want to try that although I am not doing it.

When drawing on white paper, I draw with an eraser to get the lighter parts and highlights. Tools here are a kneadable eraser, an eraser pencil by Faber-Castell (7056) and an eraser pencil by Tombow (Mono Zero).
On toned, darker paper I use a white Charcoal pencil (General's) for the highlights and lights. Instead of the that you can also use white pastel or white colored pencil.

For blending I use ordinary tissues and blending stumps. I have not tried brushes for blending but you might want to try them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Workshops 2013

I finally set up the Advanced Realism in Portrait drawing workshop schedule for the 1st half of next year. Go to my website for more infos and the registration form.

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